Lung Disease

Lung disease is any problem preventing the lungs from working properly.

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Lung Disease FAQ’s

What are lung diseases?

There are different types of lung diseases that include 1:

  • Airway Diseases: this affects the airways that carry oxygen and other gases in and out of your lungs. It could feel like you are breathing through a straw!
  • Lung Tissue Disease: this keeps the lungs from fully expanding, keeping you from breathing deeply. It could feel like you are wearing a tight sweater or a vest that is too tight!
  • Lung Circulation Disease: this affects the blood vessels inside of the lungs and could actually affect the heart. When exerting yourself you could experience shortness of breath.

You can experience all or a combination of these lung diseases.

How do you diagnose lung disease?

Diagnosing lung disease can include blood tests, pulmonary function tests (spirometry), chest x-ray, CT scan, or biopsy.

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